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Cues & Tattoos Video – Order Here

Performing at Cues & Tattoos? You can pre-order video of your performance.
Amar will be back shooting video at Cues & Tattoos 2017.



If you are looking to order video from last year, contact Amar at

Info. Page for Tribal Tech Support

Hey folks over here checking out what we’re all about. We’re just getting started and building the site over the next few weeks.

We’ll soon have an About section and more details.

For now, I just want to tell you a bit about what we’re about.

DJ Amar & Calamity Sam will be vending together at various events, offering a new service to the Belly Dance community at festivals. After having helped friends numerous time and seeing dancers having last minute problems with their computers, with their music, I decided to offer this service at festivals.

We will be offering music and computer support for the weekend, helping out with any last minute issues that you may have with your music, laptops, smartphones, etc.. We will burn CDs for you, edit music if you need to shorten a song (or mix/crossfade 2 or more songs together, combine several songs as one playable track on a CD, adjust volumes or EQ or other tweaks). Some of this work can be done in advance and delivered to you at our booth during the event.

We will be charging discounted rates to performers. Burning CDs will be at a flat rate. We will have blank CDs available also if you just need a disc and can burn it on your laptop. Editing music and computer repair will be at a discounted hourly rate. We will have an email hotline during the week and throughout the weekend, so you can send music files if you need to, and we can do what we need to and give it to you on the spot.

Know that we may not be able to do very last minute emergencies, depending on how busy we are. The more time you give us, the more likely we’ll be able to take care of any performance music related issues for you.

Services offered will vary from event to event, depending on needs and resources. For example, at events where music is sent in advance, we won’t be bringing CDs.

Currently, our primary service is Performance Video. Amar has been shooting video at events for a couple of years now. See the VIDEO page for information and links to order your video.